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BlueBasic Template

BlueBasicThe BlueBasic theme included in the Free Reseller Program offered by ResellersPanel is the first of our new series of templates - it offers advanced and modern design and a colorful look with a green flavor. The theme is designed to look professional and at the same time - attractive and fresh. It offers a navigation bar at the top, which will take potential visitors to the needed menus without any additional distractions or drop down menus.

This theme will allow you to use custom headers and footers. You can set them from the Marketing Tools menu in the Reseller Control Panel. For both the Header and the Footer you can choose to use a simple text message, an image banner, which can advertise your company and contain your logo, or put emphasis on some important web hosting features, or on a flash introduction, which can be of your own design - it's all up to you.

With this theme, you can offer a wide variety of web hosting services - shared web hosting accounts, dedicated servers, semi-dedicated servers and virtual private servers. Each of these services has its own page in the template, offering your customers detailed information about the features and the advantages the specific web hosting service is offering.

You will be also able to use custom meta tags for your site, set a specific title, or modify your site's description - you can do so from inside the Marketing Tools > Metatags section of the Reseller Control Panel. From there, you can also add different keys, required by the search engines to index your site. To further modify the content of your web page, you can enter a completely custom text for the About Us and Contact Us sections of the theme - your company history and location, etc. You can also give visitors your contact details, which they can use if they want to get in touch with you. This way, you can maintain a more direct relationship, providing them with custom offers as per their request.

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