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Affiliate Program - More Opportunities, Higher Profits!

The Affiliate Program offered by ResellersPanel is a perfect way to boost your reseller commission without having to do any extra work and without having to worry about bringing new customers. All you need to do is sign up for a free account with our private-label Reseller Program and then simply attract other resellers to sign up. Then, when any of them makes a sale, you will earn 10% of the respective money transaction.

All our free resellers can now sell a wide variety of hosting services - shared web hosting accounts, domain names, dedicated servers, semi-dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers. While some of these services are provided on an annual basis, the more expensive Virtual Private Servers and dedicated servers are billed each month. This way, with a single sale of a dedicated server made by an affiliated reseller you can earn $1,014.00 per a single year. From a single customer! Check the profit calculator to find out how much you can earn from your affiliates.
Use the Profit Calculator! Use the Profit Calculator!
The Profit Calculator shows the continuing growth of your affiliate profits realized by referring new clients and customers each month.
A few easy steps to start receiving commissions:

1. Create an account with our FREE Program. Even if you wish to use only our cPanel Program or Dedicated Server offerings, you will have to sign up with our FREE Reseller Program to take advantage of our Affiliate Program.

2. In a welcoming e-mail you will receive your affiliate code. Alternatively, you can pick up your affiliate code at any time from our FREE Program's Reseller Control Panel. There you can also pick banners to promote our programs and attract affiliates.

3. You can start referring new resellers whenever you are ready to.

Are miracles going to happen using our 10% Lifetime Affiliate Program? Well, we believe that receiving an extra $100 USD per month won't do you harm or, better yet - several hundred US dollars, if you have your own good traffic sources or simply know how!
Moreover, you can focus on referring new resellers only during the first few months and after that simply continue to get paid your 2nd level commissions on schedule!

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