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The cPanel reseller service that we are offering is different from the Free Reseller Program - you, as a web hosting reseller, will have to pay a monthly free for the total disk space and bandwidth that you will, from then on, sell to end customers. This allows you to create web hosting packages the way you want, with no limitations involved.

Becoming a member of our Affiliate Program entitles you to receive 10% of the monthly subscription fee of any cPanel reseller package purchased by a reseller who found us through your store (or elsewhere you have promoted our services). Each time a cPanel reseller, referred by you to our cPanel Program, buys or renews his/her account - you will receive 10% of the monthly price of the particular plan as a monthly commission. Thus, you will maintain a stable residual income for as long as your cPanel affiliate works with ResellersPanel.

Use the profit calculator to find out how much you can be earning.

Use the Profit Calculator! Use the Profit Calculator!
The Profit Calculator shows the continuing growth of your affiliate profits realized by referring new clients and customers each month.
It makes no difference whether the reseller referred by you to us has signed up first with our FREE Program, or has directly switched to our cPanel one. In both cases we will deduct your affiliate commissions from each sale of an affiliate cPanel reseller account and pay them to you every month, every year, until your affiliate reseller works with ResellersPanel.

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