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Dedicated Server Affiliates

With the Free Reseller Program on offer at ResellersPanel, you can easily become a dedicated server reseller and sell dedicated servers to prospective clients, earning big monthly profits out of each dedicated server purchase and renewal. But there is also another way in which you can turn the cut-price dedicated servers we offer into profit - with our Affiliate Program.

Using the dedicated server affiliate links and banners, you can easily attract new customers of our reseller services. Once they sign up under your affiliate link, you will earn a 10% commission out of each sale they get to make. This is a very easy way to significantly boost up your own reseller profits. Since any affiliated hosting reseller will also be able to offer dedicated servers to their clients, you can gain a significant amount of dedicated server affiliates. And you will keep earning your 10% fee for as long as the customer stays with us and renews his/her account.

Take a look at our profit calculator to see just how much you can be making with our Affiliate Program.

Use the Profit Calculator! Use the Profit Calculator!
The Profit Calculator shows the continuing growth of your affiliate profits realized by referring new clients and customers each month.

Using the Reseller Control Panel you can remain in constant control over your affiliates - you can see when a sale has been made and what your profit out of each sale amounts to. You can access these statistics via the 'View Affiliates' subsection of the Control Panel.

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