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Shared Web Hosting Affiliates

At the moment, ResellersPanel has a client base of more than 100 000 resellers working with us, each of whom offers shared web hosting accounts from their respective reseller hosting store. Plus, we have new resellers signing up each day.

As an existing hosting reseller, you can take advantage of these new signups using our Affiliate Program - it will allow you to earn 10% of each web hosting sale realized by an affiliated reseller of yours. This way, you can significantly boost your own reseller profits, without having to do any extra work. With enough people as your affiliates, you can even stop worrying about having to make sales at all - you will receive enough profits just from your affiliates and their sales.

You can use the Affiliate Program to make profits from both the Free and the cPanel reseller services without a problem, since both of them are offering shared web hosting accounts.

In order for a future reseller to become your affiliate, they have to sign up for our reseller services via your affiliate link. From this moment on, you will start earning money every time they make a sale.
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