cPanel Program: Questions & Answers

Q: What is a hosting reseller?

A: As a ResellersPanel reseller, you can sell hosting packages under you own brand name. You create the hosting plans and charge your customers with your own prices.

Q: How do I get started?

A: All you have to do is select a cPanel plan, fill out the order form and make the payment. Once the payment has been made and verified by our Sales department, we will activate your account and send you the Welcome E-mail.

Q: I am already a cPanel reseller. What can I do?

A: If you are already a hosting reseller for another company, which uses cPanel, but wish to transfer your accounts to us, you can do so by :

Q: Is there any fee to add domains to my reseller plan?

A: There are no fees if you choose to add domains to your plan. You can host unlimited domains.

Q: What reseller tools do you offer?

A: We offer our resellers a Web Host Manager the interface through which you manage all of your cPanel accounts. Your clients will also have access to a control panel (cPanel) in order to manage their own web sites.

Q: What are ResellersPanel's responsibilities?

A: ResellersPanel provides you with technical support, billing arrangements and online documentation for the support of your clients. Server stability, reliability and security are our responsibility as well.

Q: What are mine responsibilities as a reseller?

A: You are responsible for the domain name registrations or transfers and for the provision of technical support to your customers. You have to abide by ResellersPanel's policies and Terms of Service as well.

Q: Will ResellersPanel guarantee that my site will not be hacked?

A: ResellresPanel cannot provide you with such guarantee and neither can any host. In order to lower the risk of such events we strongly recommend the following:
- if you use any free scripts like phpBB2 / Joomla and others - ensure that you don't use insecure plugins, and that you always use the latest version of those scripts. Subscribe to the mailing list of the free script provider (if such list is present) or visit regularly the news section on their site - those measures will lower the possibility of any hacks;
- if you use a custom site/ script design - have in mind that the security of such scripts depends on the skills of those who have developed them;

Q: Why should I choose ResellersPanel's cPanel reseller program instead of others?

A: There are at least 10 important reasons for you to do so: