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Dedicated Server Disk Space

The disk space is essential for any dedicated hosting server. This is not only where you can keep all of your web files, but where the Operating System will be housed. This is why, the bigger and the faster the hard drive of a dedicated server, the better. With a bigger hard drive, you can use the dedicated server not only for your own needs, but also as a web hosting or reseller web hosting enterprise platform.

At Resellers Panel, you will find that our Budget ($150.00 USD/month), Value ($190.00 USD/month) and Premier ($230.00 USD/month) Linux Dedicated Server solutions offer sufficient disk space both for individual use and for possible web hosting reseller needs.

The disk space offered by our cheap dedicated servers can also act as a strong selling point if you want to resell them under our Free Reseller Program. The unique thing about our Free Reseller Program is that you are not required to purchase the services prior to selling them. Via it, you can also sell all of the hosting products on our website - shared web hosting accounts, Virtual Private Servers and Semi-Dedicated Servers.

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