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Managed Services - Trust the professionals

Our managed services are designed for those of you who need the resources of a dedicated server, but neither possess the knowledge to maintain such server, nor have the time needed to deal with its management tasks. We provide both root and administrator access to the server, but you may wish to utilize the valuable expertise of a technician. In such cases, a professional technician of ours will be assigned to take care of your system administrative maintenance. Our well-trained staff will easily install additional software for you upon request. We will provide also 24/7/365 server monitoring of your dedicated server.

Managing a dedicated server involves many responsible and time-consuming tasks that you may sometimes even find a bit frustrating. This is the particular reason why we have designed for you additional managed service packages especially intended for your dedicated servers.
Each package contains administrative tasks, which will be executed by an experienced technician of ours. He will be monitoring the entire activity of your server in order to ensure maximum online security. Should you have any inquiries about our managed dedicated servers, please do not hesitate to use our contact form.

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Backup Space (50 GB) $25.00/ mo $25.00/ mo $25.00/ mo
Managed Services Package $30.00/ mo $30.00/ mo $30.00/ mo
Backup Space (50 GB)
Weekly OS Update
Monitoring & Rebooting
Installation & Troubleshooting (30 minutes)
Installation & Troubleshooting $60.00/ h $60.00/ h $60.00/ h
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