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Since its very launch on April 2nd, 2003, ResellersPanel's FREE Reseller Hosting Program has been increasingly magnetizing attention worldwide and has drawn already over 90 000 followers online. The program's exploding popularity is rooted in its revolutionary concept of allowing our resellers to sell web hosting products, such as stable virtual private servers, shared web hosting accounts or low-cost dedicated servers, without having to pay for these services in advance.

At ResellersPanel, we take enormous pride in our in-house developed full-cycle platform that ensures complete automation for your private label reseller hosting business! As a reseller of ours, you gain full control over your online representation and incoming clients, while we are responsible for providing 24/7/365 support to you and to your customers.

Free Reseller Hosting Benefits:

Free Program - No Investments Required - Our main goal is to make our Reseller Program available to as many people as possible, which is why we have designed it in such a way that you can have a prosperous reseller hosting business without having to pay a dime - you are not required to pay for any of our web hosting products prior to selling them.

Simple Business Model - We follow a simple business model - we give you all the tools to start a successful web hosting company, backing you up with our support team - which is ready to assist all your customers, and with our sales staff - which will handle the billing operations, leaving you with the only job to advertise your site and to attract customers. This way, you can run a web hosting company even on a tight budget.

Everyone is Eligible - no special skills required - One of the best things about our Free Reseller Program is that it is available to everyone - not only you don't need a budget to start your web hosting company, you also don't have to possess any special skills or knowledge.

Top Quality Web Hosting Service - We have been in the business for 7 years now. More than 90 000 resellers trust us to host their clients - enough proof that our shared web hosting plans (both pre-defined and custom web hosting offers) offer a top quality shared hosting experience.

Virtual Private Server Reseller - The Free Reseller Program allows you to become a reseller of Virtual Private Servers without any initial budget. You don't have to own the VPS yourself before selling it - you can just sell it at your own, custom retail price and collect the profits.

Dedicated Server Reseller - We offer you the most inexpensive way to become a reseller of dedicated servers with our Free Reseller Program - all you have to do is sign up. After that you will be able to sell dedicated servers without ever having to pay for them.

Semi-Dedicated Server Reseller - Offer semi-dedicated servers to all your web hosting customers without the need to purchase the servers before that. This way, you can save all the costs you would otherwise have spent on web hosting and focus on advertising your reseller web store instead.

Guaranteed Complete Service Branding - With our Reseller Program, you can enjoy a complete service branding - your name will appear everywhere your customers can see it. This way, they will never doubt that you are anything short of a large and respectable web hosting company.

Professional Private Label Options - With a few simple steps, you can hide away the fact that you are a reseller, using the tools we provide you with.

Easy Store Setup and Management - To make a great product, you need to make it usable. A new reseller store can be set up from scratch in just 5 minutes, with complete service branding, custom pricing and a different default currency.

Advanced Multi-currency Billing System - After months of hard work on our developers' part, you can now bill your customers in their preferred currency. And you can also receive your monthly reseller commission in the currency you prefer.

2-tier Affiliate Program - To increase your reseller profits, you can count on our affiliate program. With it, you can earn 10 % of every purchase made by any customer of a reseller referred by you. If you refer a significant number of people, this can amount to a significant boost in your profits.

24/7/365 Customer Support - With our reseller hosting program, you never have to worry about customer support - our trained staff will take care of the technical support every day of the year. And not only that, we also offer live support, over the phone or over the live chat, whereby the customers can get all their questions answered.

Flexible Wallet System - Our wallet system allows you to use our advanced reseller API, which gives you the ability to set up your own billing system and collect all the profits from selling web hosting accounts immediately. You also get special bonuses for refilling your wallet.

Full Control over Your Customers' Accounts - With the Free Reseller Program, just like with any other reseller program, you will get full control over the accounts of your customers. This way, you can stay in charge, without having to deal with all the extra work usually required to do so.

Full Control over Your Service Offerings - You will have complete control over the web hosting services you offer. This way, you can create a reseller store focused on different branches of the web hosting business - selling just Virtual Private Servers, or just dedicated servers, with a dedicated advertising strategy for each of them.

Detailed Statistics of Your Hosting Business - When running a reseller business it's necessary to be aware of what is going on with your site. With the detailed statistics we offer, you can always be on top of things, without having to browse difficult-to-use menus and bury yourself in log files.

Detailed Statistics of Your Reseller Business - Last, but not least, you will have full control over everything that goes on with your customers - when are their accounts due, what type of billing they use, etc. You will also see the contact details they supplied, in case you want to get in direct contact with them.

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