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ClientExec Billing Software

In order to run an efficient web hosting company, you will need a way to manage the billing aspects of the business. The software, which takes care of this, is called "Billing Manager". Usually, aside from billing and customer support questions, billing managers handle also all domain name registrations and transfers, as well as anything domain name-related.

At Resellers Panel, you will find many reseller web hosting offers and solutions which allow you to offer web hosting accounts. In order to make life easier for you, we have included a free billing management tool with these offers - the ClientExec.

ClientExec Billing Manager

The ClientExec billing manager is a commercially developed billing management tool, which can easily be integrated with most of the popular Control Panels out there, including cPanel/WHM and DirectAdmin. Such integration will allow a web hosting reseller to offer web hosting accounts the minute an account is created via the billing manager. This automated process saves a lot of time both for the hosting reseller and the user - they will both enjoy the benefits of the instant web hosting account creation.

ClientExec can also be connected with most Domain Registrars and their APIs, allowing you to register domains directly from your billing manager interface. At Resellers Panel, we provide you with a free eNom domain reseller account, which would otherwise cost you $500.00 USD. The eNom domain reseller account can be easily integrated with the ClientExec billing manager, allowing for seamless domain registration and transfer operations.

ClientExec included in all cPanel Reseller Plans

ClientExec is included as a bonus in all reseller hosting plans under our cPanel Reseller Program, alongside the eNom domain reseller account. We also provide guides on how to connect the ClientExec billing manager tool with both the WHM Control Panel, used for the creation of web hosting accounts, and the eNom domain reseller account, used for domain registration purposes. This way you can have your online store up and running in no time.

VPS servers with ClientExec

If you purchase a VPS server package, which is powerful enough to handle many web hosting accounts, such as the Ultra VPS ($45.00 USD/month) plan, then you can also use it for running a web hosting or a reseller web hosting enterprise. This way, you will be the one providing the server solution, selling reseller rights to other people, who will, in their turn, sell web hosting accounts to the end customer.

In both cases, you can use the ClientExec billing manager tool, which comes free with the Ultra VPS server package, to provide your web hosting clients with a nice environment, where they can manage their domain names and cover all due invoices.

Dedicated servers with ClientExec

A dedicated hosting server is the perfect solution if you wish to start a new web hosting enterprise, since it will give you a complete control over your own physical machine.

With our Budget ($150.00 USD/month), Value ($190.00 USD/month) and Premier ($230.00 USD/month) dedicated server packages, you will receive a free copy of the ClientExec billing manager tool, which will assist you in any future web hosting endeavors. You will also receive a free eNom Domain Reseller Account, which will allow you to easily register domain names via the ClientExec billing manager.

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