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3Box Template

3BOXThe 3Box template is the first ever turn-key front-store template offering the ability to modify the boxes on the front page that ResellersPanel released for its Free Reseller Program. Since then, we have evolved with our FlipView and SmartZone templates, but this functionality marks its start here.

With a few simple mouse clicks in the Website Template section of the Reseller Control Panel, you can change the two banners on your front page to display different offers - from a free domain name to VPS and semi-dedicated hosting packages. You can set the main banner to lead to one of your web hosting plans so as to increase the signups for this plan. Thus, putting emphasis on different aspects of the web hosting business.

In addition, you can specify the way the web hosting plans are displayed on the front page - you can have two differently arranged shared web hosting plans shown simultaneously. To make your web hosting offers even more recognizable, you can set different color themes for the Product Boxes. Considering the fact that there are not a lot of other brightly colored elements on the front page, a bright and eye catching color for the header sections of the boxes will attract the visitor's attention to that area.

On the left side of the front-store theme you will see several boxes displaying your active web hosting offers - shared web hosting accounts, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers and virtual private servers. They will show the lowest prices you have set for the specific web hosting service, in order to attract more customers.

And, just like with all other turn-key store themes, the 3Box theme allows you to set custom headers and footers for your site - be that a simple text, a banner image or a flash introduction. You can also enter your company's details in the About Us menu and specify custom Contact Us details for your store to allow your customers a direct contact with you.

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