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FlipView Template

FlipViewThe FlipView template has proven to be one of the most successful turn-key front-store templates offered by ResellersPanel's Free Reseller Program.

Just like other templates, the FlipView front-store theme allows the reseller to use their own header and footer. They can vary from a simple text message to an HTML-formatted text, an image banner or even a flash intro. This allows the web hosting resellers to add a more distinctive look to their websites by promoting offers or certain web hosting features directly from the most visible part of their website. The colorful navigation menu allows for a clear distinction between the Header and the rest of the web page, allowing a banner or a flash intro to stand out even more.

Additionally, this template allows you to customize it even further by playing with the product placement on the front page or changing the different banners. This way, you can put an emphasis on why people should choose you instead of other web hosting companies. You can advertise the one-click free script installer tool, which can save your customers a lot of funds for script installation, the added templates for certain scripts, which can be chosen upon the installation of the given script, or the website builder - the Site Studio, which allows for a new custom website to be built in minutes.

In a neat table on the left, the customers will be able to see if you are offering any hosting services beside shared web hosting accounts, such as dedicated servers, semi-dedicated servers and virtual private servers.

And the cherry on top is the ability to change the colors of the navigation menu and the links on the web page, as well as the product icons. This can make your reseller front store even more personalized - no one will ever suspect you of being a reseller of web hosting services instead of a full-fledged web hosting company.

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