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Learn about our Dedicated Hosting Server Network

Dedicated Servers

  • No Deposits
  • No Reseller Fees
  • No Billing Charges


Budget Dedicated

  • Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz (2 cores)
  • • 2x250 GB SATA2 HDD
  • • 10000 GB Monthly Traffic
  • • 4 GB DDR3 RAM
$110.00 /mo


Value Dedicated

  • Opteron 4170 HE 2.1 GHz (6 cores)
  • • 2x500 GB SATA2 HDD
  • • 11000 GB Monthly Traffic
  • • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
$180.00 /mo


Premier Dedicated

  • 2x Opteron 4170 HE 2.1 GHz (12 cores)
  • • 4x500 GB SATA2 HDD
  • • 12000 GB Monthly Traffic
  • • 16 GB DDR3 RAM
$325.00 /mo

As a dedicated servers hosting provider, we offer our customers a reliable network, which you too can use to make a profit. Learn how from this quick video.

Our dedicated servers are located in a class A data center, which boasts a superb internal network of enterprise-class Cisco routers, working in close collaboration with the biggest ISPs in the United States.

This allows us to guarantee a 99.9% of network uptime - you will never be left without network access.

What's more, our servers come with the needed hardware to handle all that monthly traffic - fast Gigabit network cards are included in every dedicated server package.

And now, it's time to turn all this into profit. Resell our dedicated hosting packages without ever having to buy them first!

To become a web hosting reseller, just sign up with our free reseller hosting program! For free! And that's all!

Now, you can resell shared web hosting accounts, dedicated servers and virtual private servers at prices chosen by you. Plus, there are no server setup or reseller fees whatsoever!

The best part is that it's all risk free! No sales means no charges!

Hear that? Sounds pretty nice, eh? You can start your own dedicated hosting reseller company today with the help of ResellersPanel! Just sign up today for free.

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