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cPanel VPS Hosting

cPanel is one of the most popular Control Panels out there. It's so popular that the name cPanel itself is now associated with a Control Panel. At Resellers Panel, we have a long-standing experience using the cPanel and the WHM (Web Host Manager) Control Panels for the purposes of our cPanel Reseller Program. When we first introduced our Virtual Private Servers, cPanel was the most logical choice for a Control Panel to be shipped with them. Today, you can enjoy the combination between a cPanel Control Panel and a Linux VPS server solution for as low as $24.00 per month with our Regular VPS plan.

cPanel-equipped VPS servers can also be resold via our Free Reseller Program, which allows you to sell them without having to purchase them beforehand.

cPanel and WHM on a VPS

A cPanel-based VPS hosting solution is something more than logical. Back when the VPS servers were first released, they were controlled either by their own server console, or by an old version of the WHM/cPanel combo. However, the second option was way too resource heavy and users started searching for alternative ways to administer their servers. To seize this new and fast growing market, the cPanel team rolled out a special version of the WHM software, optimized to run on a VPS hosting server. Along with the new WHM, a new version of the cPanel Control Panel was rolled out too, with tons of backend upgrades that make it work faster than the previous version.

Advantages of using cPanel and WHM on a VPS

A big plus of the cPanel-based VPS hosting server solution is the fact that both WHM and cPanel are very easy to install and manage, even by users who make their first steps in the web hosting world. The latter can find tons of information about how to manage a cPanel VPS server solution and fix any issues that can arise, by referring to the available video tutorials, user guides, special help forums. Our support staff, which is extensively trained and knows all the quirks of the cPanel/WHM software, is ready to assist you 24/7/365.

As an addition to the WHM/cPanel Control Panel solution, each VPS server comes with our proprietary domain management tool, which will allow you to easily register new and manage your existing domain names.

Which VPS servers can run cPanel?

From the 3 reliable Virtual Private Servers on offer at ResellersPanel, the Regular VPS ($24.00/ month) and the Ultra VPS ($45.00/ month) server solutions can run cPanel without a problem - the Control Panel can be chosen at signup. However, have in mind that the cPanel Control Panel is currently compatible only with the CentOS operating system - if you want your VPS server to run another operating system, we will not be able to provide you with a ready-to-go cPanel installation.

cPanel alternatives

If you wish to explore some of the alternatives of the cPanel Control Panel, you can check out the DirectAdmin Control Panel, which is available for free with the Regular VPS and the Ultra VPS server packages. This Control Panel is officially supported by us - it can be pre-installed on the server. Another option is the Plesk Control Panel. It can be installed through the Virtuozzo Administration Panel, which is available with each of our cheap VPS servers. However, this Control Panel is not supported by us, so we will not be able to assist you with any problems arising out of its usage.

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