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cPanel VPS Hosting

cPanel is one of the most popular Control Panels out there. It's so popular that the name cPanel itself is now associated with a Control Panel. At Resellers Panel, we have a long-standing experience using the cPanel and the WHM (Web Host Manager) Control Panels for the purposes of our cPanel Reseller Program. When we first introduced our Virtual Private Servers, cPanel was the most logical choice for a Control Panel to be shipped with them.

Today, you can enjoy the combination between a cPanel Control Panel and a Linux VPS server solution with our cheap cPanel VPS servers.


All of our cPanel VPS servers can also be resold via our Free Reseller Program, which allows you to sell them without having to purchase them beforehand.

What is VPS Hosting?

A VPS server is a relatively new type of web hosting service. It is a virtualized dedicated server, which has access only to a portion of the resources that are present on the main machine. This way, you can create several virtual servers on a single dedicated server.

The advantage of VPS hosting over regular shared hosting is that for a small price increase, the customer can have full root access to the machine and modify the virtual server in any way he wants.

This versatility allowed for a fast adoption by the consumers - VPS hosting services quickly became one of the most sought after hosting products on the market.

cPanel and WHM on a VPS

When the virtual private servers finally became a consumer-friendly hosting service and not something that was exclusive only to system administrators and developers, it was more than logical to pair them with the cPanel hosting control panel.

However, at the time, cPanel was used only on servers that had significantly more resources available, like dedicated servers and powerful shared hosting servers.

This lead to the creation of the VPS Optimized version of cPanel, specifically designed to work on a VPS hosting server. It featured tons of backend improvements and optimizations, which allowed it to work on machines with fewer resources.

Advantages of using cPanel and WHM on a VPS

One of the biggest advantages of having a cPanel VPS hosting server is the fact that both WHM and cPanel are very easy to install and manage, even by users who make their first steps in the web hosting world. Customers can find tons of information about how to manage a cPanel VPS server solution and fix any issues that can arise, by referring to the available video tutorials, user guides, special help forums.

And for users who are already familiar with how cPanel and WHM work, having a cPanel VPS hosting server will be the same as having a reseller hosting account.

Should you get a cheap VPS with cPanel?

Over the years, with the advances in both software and hardware, the cheap VPS servers have become more and more common. Today, a cheap virtual private server is no longer something negative - a cheap VPS is a capable machine that suits almost all types of small business sites.

So, if you are coming from shared web hosting or if you are on a tight budget, a cheap VPS with cPanel could be perfect for you.

cPanel alternatives

If you are tired of using cPanel for everything, or you want to try out something different, which you might end up liking, even more, there are a few cPanel alternatives that you can check out:

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