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A Virtuozzo Containers-based VPS Hosting Solution

Designed to provide the required isolation and security, Virtuozzo performs 2-3 times faster than other virtualization technologies like the Xen hypervisor, for example. This makes ResellersPanel's Virtuozzo-based VPS packages more reliable, secure and robust. With its higher utilization of the existing server hardware, Virtuozzo also allows us to provide our customers with cost-effective VPS hosting packages.

All our VPS packages offer full SSH and root access, dedicated IPs and enough RAM and storage (disk space) memory, and are available at wholesale prices.

The VPS hosting prices for our Free Reseller Program members start from $15.00/mo. At such a low price you can buy or resell a fully featured VPS hosting package – the Base VPS plan. If your site relies on performance and needs a faster service, then you can purchase the balanced Regular VPS ($24.00/mo) plan or the powerful Ultra VPS ($45.00/mo) package suitable for complex web applications. The last two packages allow you to order an optional Control Panel setup and can be split into smaller web hosting packages using the DirectAdmin or the cPanel/WHM software tools. For your reseller hosting needs we also provide a free domain reseller account (a $500 value). All packages can be easily managed through ResellersPanel’s Billing/Domain Manager panel and via the Virtuozzo Power Panel tool. To the customers of the Ultra VPS plan we also provide the $127-worth ClientExec billing software for free.

What is a Virtualization Technology?

The virtualization technology is a methodology of dividing the resources of a physical computer into multiple execution environments called virtual machines. The common virtualization software creates multiple isolated partitions which run on emulated hardware and are powered by different operating systems. Each of the virtual machines can be managed without any interaction with the other virtual instances. The customer can reboot and even power off the machine without causing any effect on the other virtual environments. In the terms of the VPS hosting terminology, the virtual machine is a single VPS package offering a dedicated IP, a separate OS, full root access. It can be managed using a SSH/Telnet console or by utilizing an optional web-based Control Panel: we offer an optional $10.00/mo license for the cPanel/WHM combo or a free DirectAdmin license for the CentOS-based Regular VPS and Ultra VPS packages.

What is Parallels Virtuozzo Containers?

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers is a virtualization software solution configured to give your high-performance web applications a stable and reliable service. As a premium virtualization technology, Virtuozzo Containers utilizes the existing server hardware more efficiently and can perform 2-3 times faster than the common virtualization solutions. These performance benefits are possible because of Virtuozzo's OS-level virtualization technology.

An OS-level Virtualization Technology

The OS-level virtualization technology, also called container virtualization, is a high performance solution designed especially for today's VPS hosting needs. It allows most, if not all, applications to be shared on a VPS machine and still be isolated and secured. Actually, in most situations the VPS server doesn't need different operating systems. Virtuozzo Containers' architecture allows the VPS machine to utilize the given virtualization server's OS and to run one of its multiple isolated instances.

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