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The Hepsia Control Panel

All web hosting plans come bundled with our in-house built Web Hosting Control Panel. It has been designed to be simple and easy to use so that you and your customers can take pleasure in managing your sites and emails. The Control Panel is currently available in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch and Bulgarian.

Hepsia Managers

Free Bonuses And Tools

Website Accelerators

Website Accelerators »

Use the power of RAM caching and boost your websites’ performance. Take advantage of our powerful Varnish, Memcached and NodeJS web accelerators and increase your apps’ speed by tenfold.


ModSecurity »

ModSecurity is an application-level firewall, which is enabled by default for your account. It will automatically protect all your web apps from the most common hacker attacks. No setup effort is required on your end.

5 GB VPN Access

5 GB VPN Access »

Get 5 GB of free VPN traffic with each Control Panel-bundled hosting account. We offer multiple access points around the world and you can take advantage of our VPN service using any VPN-enabled device.

Application Installer

Application Installer »

Install more than 50 popular PHP web applications with just a click. No setup is required. We offer an automatic database creation option and you can install the latest and most up-to-date versions available on the web.

Website Installer

Website Installer »

Publish a brand new website with a unique and eye-pleasing design in just a few clicks. With our quick point-and-click website installation wizard, you can get your new website online in less than 5 minutes.

300+ Free Themes

300+ Free Themes »

Choose from more than 300 free website templates for your personal or business profile. We offer a wide range of designs for any type of website that you and your customers may like to host on our servers.

Multilingual Support

Our multilingual Web Hosting Control Panel currently supports over 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch and Bulgarian. We are regularly implementing new language versions, so stay tuned for more introductions.

Multi-Lingual Support
Full Brandable Interface

Fully Brandable Interface

You can set the layout of the Control Panel in full accordance with your brand awareness strategy. For example, you can add your own logo in the header area, enable a direct Visit Store link to your store and also select a default color that best synchronizes with your brand. Also, you will be able to select a default language for the Control Panel based on your prevailing target audience.

Customizable Service Areas

You can also customize the Control Panel’s interface in compliance with your particular marketing policy. For instance, you will have full control over the 'Upgrades' table and will be able to activate it only for a certain package. Also, you will have the flexibility to hide the plan purchase and renewal links from all, or from certain customers only. This may be particularly useful if you bill your clients yourself and do not want them to have access to our checkout pages.


See Our Control Panel In Action

Try out our Control Panel and see how it works for yourself. The Live Demo will unlock all Control Panel features for you and you can play with all functions without any restriction.

Live Demo Hepsia Control Panel

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