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Softaculous - Free Scripts Installer

Softaculous is a free scripts installer with a variety of over 320 PHP-based web applications. It is included for free with any of our cPanel reseller plans and it is fully integrated into the cPanel control panel for you and your clients to use. Any application can be installed quickly and smoothly without a hint of experience or any special skills required from your customers. Softaculous will do all the setup and configuration and even create MySQL databases. Such a treasure can persuade even the most hesitant and uncertain visitors to join your services because it will save them the time and hassle to do it manually, not to mention the costs to hire a professional for the task.

Softaculous along with other free bonuses such as the $500.00 worth eNom reseller account, Client Exec billing manager and a free reseller store template make the cPanel reseller program an easy way of earning profits. The web applications under the Softaculous free scripts installer are grouped into several categories: blogs, CMS, customer support applications, discussion boards, e-commerce, FAQ applications, guestbook, hosting billing applications, image galleries, mailing lists, polls and surveys, project management, site builders, wiki applications and other scripts such as ad management and e-learning.

Select a Web App

1. Select a Web App

Fill in your site details

2. Fill in your site details

Click the 'Install' button

3. Click the "Install" button

Most popular web apps

Install with just a click

Softaculous offers fast installations with a single click - all you have to do is fill in your details and click on the Install button. You don't need to manually create a database, or a database user, set permissions, etc. To keep things secure, Softaculous does not store any application login data and all user data is encrypted.

Install with just a click
The latest version is always available

The latest version is always available

Softaculus sets the benchmark regarding script updates - all the scripts are always updated to their latest version and updates for existing versions are available as soon as they are released. This way, you can always keep your scripts up to date with the latest features and security patches.

Reviews & Demos

If you are looking for other users' opinion on a scrip you are going to install, Softaculous keep ratings and reviews for all scripts, where users can share their real-life experience in using the script. And all scripts also have a live demo using the latest version, so that you can test the script before you commit to installing it.

Reviews & Demos

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