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Advanced tools for resellers

For those of you who want to exercise more control over your hosting store, we have added a few advanced tools that will help you communicate with our system directly. Although these tools are labeled as 'Advanced', they are fairly easy to use and can quickly be implemented on your hosting storefront.

Add our remote forms to your reseller store

Remote Forms

If you want to use your custom design, you can connect it with our system using our remote forms – the domain search form with its results page, the signup form and the Control Panel login form. All these forms are fully customizable so as to better fit the look and feel of your custom store. Also, they don't require any coding experience from you, since they are not hosted, but only included on your website. With the remote order forms, you are still not required to purchase anything from us in order to sell our hosting services.

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Create new hosting plans with the Custom Plan Builder

Custom Plan Builder

If you want to sell different cloud web hosting packages than the ones that we are offering, our Custom Plan Builder is the right tool for the task. It allows you to create a brand-new cloud web hosting plan, which you can later sell to customers. You can tailor the new plan to the specific needs of your clientele or create a specific plan for a demanding customer by setting different resource quotas for all plan features. You can have up to 20 different hosting plans available to your customers at all times.

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Bill your customers using the Reseller API

Reseller Api

The Reseller API is an interface, through which you can connect with our backend system and request the features and prices of our hosting packages. Using the API, you can integrate your very own domain search form or order form into your custom-built store. We’ll simply supply the hosting packages and the domain names and you will handle your customers’ billing transactions yourself. You will need to have funds deposited into your wallet if you want to use the API and process all billing transactions on your own.

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