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Become a domain reseller for free with ResellersPanel!

With our Free Reseller Program, you can become a domain reseller for free, without having to make any upfront investment. You can start reselling domain names in seconds through one of our fully customizable storefronts or you can integrate our services into your own custom website using the remote forms or the reseller API that we are offering.

Unlike with other domain reseller programs, there are neither tiered prices nor paywalls that are locking the best domain registration prices for you. You will have access to them the second you open your domain name reseller account with us.

Included Domain Reseller Features

As a valued partner, you may also take advantage of several free domain reseller features, which can give you a head start, including:

Get the perfect name for your hosting store


$75.00 /year $3.99* /1st year

Offer more than 100 TLDs on your store

With a free domain reseller account with ResellersPanel, you will be able to offer more than 100 different generic and country-code TLDs to your customers. We also run frequent domain name promotions, with which you can hook your prospects.

Check out the table below for more information.

Offer more than 100 TLDs on your store
Resell domain names only

Resell domain names only

With our reseller program, you can offer domain names exclusively. This way, you can target domain-hungry customers using a great variety of attractively priced domain extensions. We are constantly updating our TLD portfolio and customizing the prices themselves to make sure you get the competitive edge needed to maintain a successful business on the busy domain reseller market.

Regular domain registration promotions for popular TLDs

We are constantly in contact with domain registrars to bring you the best deals to
offer to your customers. Check out all of the available domain registration deals.

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A fully featured Domain Manager

A fully featured Domain Manager

Your customers will be able to manage their domains with ease using the fully featured Domain Manager, which comes with each TLD. They will be able to edit their WHOIS details, to lock/unlock their domains, to change their nameservers, to set custom DNS records and to even enable DNSSEC with a click of the mouse.

A fully automated domain reseller platform

A fully automated domain reseller platform

Our domain reseller platform is fully automated. All you need to do is select the TLDs that you'll be offering and set your own retail prices. You can leave all domain registration and client billing responsibilities to us. You do not have to pay any deposits or upfront fees. All the profit you make on top of our wholesale prices will be added to your monthly commission.

Affordable domain registration prices

As a free reseller, you can get a domain name for your store at a preferential price.

Having your own unique domain name will help you increase your brand awareness and make a name for yourself in the hosting industry.

You can increase your bran online visibility even further by combining the domain with a Private DNS Cluster service.

Here is a list of the domain extensions (including generic TLDs, country-code TLDs and new TLDs) that you can get for your store at a special price and also offer to your customers.

Domain Search Filter
TLD 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years
$12.50 $25.00 $37.50 $50.00 $62.50
$1.99* $28.00 $29.99* $56.00 $57.99* $84.00 $85.99* $112.00 $113.99* $140.00
$2.49* $32.50 $34.99* $65.00 $67.49* $97.50 $99.99* $130.00 $132.49* $162.50
$2.49* $21.50 $23.99* $43.00 $45.49* $64.50 $66.99* $86.00 $88.49* $107.50
$2.99* $22.00 $24.99* $44.00 $46.99* $66.00 $68.99* $88.00 $90.99* $110.00
$3.99* $75.00 $78.99* $150.00 $153.99* $225.00 $228.99* $300.00 $303.99* $375.00
$3.99* $32.50 $36.49* $65.00 $68.99* $97.50 $101.49* $130.00 $133.99* $162.50
$3.99* $21.00 $24.99* $42.00 $45.99* $63.00 $66.99* $84.00 $87.99* $105.00
$3.99* $21.50 $25.49* $43.00 $46.99* $64.50 $68.49* $86.00 $89.99* $107.50
$4.99* $26.00 $30.99* $52.00 $56.99* $78.00 $82.99* $104.00 $108.99* $130.00
$4.99* $44.50 $49.49* $89.00 $93.99* $133.50 $138.49* $178.00 $182.99* $222.50
$4.99* $23.00 $27.99* $46.00 $50.99* $69.00 $73.99* $92.00 $96.99* $115.00
$4.99* $28.00 $32.99* $56.00 $60.99* $84.00 $88.99* $112.00 $116.99* $140.00
$4.99* $22.00 $26.99* $44.00 $48.99* $66.00 $70.99* $88.00 $92.99* $110.00