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How To Set Up a Reseller Store

Video Duration 1:33 min

At ResellersPanel, we have created an easy way for anyone to become a Free Reseller.

Our exclusive easy to use point & click interface allows you to set up your online store in minutes, choosing from a variety of customizable templates.

You give your store its very own name, choose what you want to offer, what the prices will be and how you want to market you products.

You can even create your very own hosting plans to target, for example, large corporate clients.

You can sell, domains, cloud web hosting, virtual private servers, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers and more.

We have even created a range of pre-defined web hosting plans that you can sell to help get you started. They also serve as a good example of how to mix the resources you can offer.

The Store Master Template allows you to easily promote things like special offers, new products you want to sell and more.

You customers will have a choice of data centers giving your store a truly global feel, and it will help you target customers regardless of their location.

With ResellersPanel, the online store is 100% yours. You are the boss and no one will know you are reselling these products and services through us.

There are no fees or charges, you never pay for anything you sell and we don't take any money from your commission. So, if you make, for example, $30 USD we pay you $30 USD.

So sign up now and be on way to making money today with

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