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1-click free web apps installer

An application installer is a must-have for any top-quality web hosting package on the web today. The one that comes with our packages for free has been developed by us and offers an intuitive 1-click installation of free web applications. The tool is a great selling point, since it will save your customers both time and money and will help them kickstart their own sites within minutes, with no technical experience behind their backs.


The web apps installer includes a selection of the most popular free open-source PHP scripts that are available on the web. The applications are divided into a few categories – Image Galleries, Blogs, Community Boards, CMS, Classified Ads, Wiki, Groupware Tools, Customer Support, Calendars, Guestbooks, Ad Management, E-commerce, Web Hosting Tools and Mailing List Managers. To help your customers choose an application, we have compiled a list of the most popular scripts and pinned it to the top of the apps list.

50+ web applications to choose from
1-click app installations


The tool will help your customers launch their own blog, image gallery or community site with a click of the mouse. There will be no need for them to set up anything or to deal with database configuration procedures – our tool will create a database automatically and will configure all necessary script settings in the background. So, even if your customers have never worked with web applications before, they will still be able to use the tool with ease. All your customers will need to do is select an application, specify the name of their site and allow a few minutes for their new site to be generated.


All open-source web applications are supported by a large community of developers, which releases frequent upgrades in order to maintain the scripts stable and secure. With the 1-click web apps installer, your customers will not need to worry about script updates. All applications are configured to automatically update in accordance with the latest script upgrade releases. So, your customers can rest assured that their site is being kept stable and invulnerable to security glitches.

Regular script updates
100+ free themes


Along with the selection of applications, we have also included free design themes for your customers to choose from when installing a site. This way, when a customer installs a script, they will be able to also instantly select a design for their site and thus to have both the backend and the frontend of their new site launched all at once. Both the applications and the design themes are easily accessible through the Installer section of the Web Hosting Control Panel.

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