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Billing and Commissions Explanation Video

Video Duration 3:12 min

This video will explain to you what we do behind the scenes to help you be a free reseller and answer the most common questions we get each day from our resellers all around the world.

As a free reseller you can start your own hosting business, at absolutely no cost and no financial risk.

This is because we do not require any start-up fees or deposits from you. And we do not charge you any fee for reselling our services.

This means that you can resell our services, without ever investing any money, because until you sell a plan to one of your customers, we have not delivered any of our services and you have not sold any of them either.

This means the moment you sell one of our web hosting packages or a custom plan you have made, we take our wholesale price from the transaction and you keep the difference you have added with your retail price, so you are never paying in advance for any plan or service.

Together, we only profit when you make a sale.

It works like this. You set your own prices for the pre-defined or custom-configured plans that you choose to offer on your hosting store. The prices are based on the wholesale price that we assign.

Let's take for example the Business plan. Its wholesale price the minimum price it can be sold for is $42.00 per year.

If you want to set your sale price the price your customers will see at $60.00 a year.

We would pay you $18.00 USD from this sale, because we take $42.00 USD for all our costs and expenses.

We process the payment for you, call your new customer on your behalf and verify the payment and check it's genuine.

We do the same with every plan or service upgrade feature purchased through your store.

You will get your commission in full for each sale. There are no service or billing fees.

So, if you have accumulated a commission total of $150 USD from selling our plans and upgrades, this is what you will be paid.

Many people ask, how do we make money, if we never charge you?

Well that's an easy one. Our wholesale price covers all our costs like billing, and customer support etc, and includes our profit, so what you sell the plan for above that price is your profit, it's that simple.

Let me use the Business plan again as an example.

When purchasing a Business plan from you, your customers will be charged a 3-7% billing fee. This amount is not taken from your profit, it's covered by our wholesale price.

Their chosen payment method, the billing processor and the currency they select will determine how much they are charged.

But if you want to sell your plans and services at a very high price, like over 100% of the wholesale price, then you will have to cover the billing cost (but very few people would pay such a high price, no matter what the plan offered).

We also carry out a manual fraud protection service. In general, our team of qualified sales representatives will review every single payment processed through your store and verify with the payer whether it has been authorized or not.

This operation is done after the automatic verification procedures executed by the processors and is aimed at protecting you against the widely spread 'smart' fraud practices, reinforcing the security image of your store.

24/7 customer support and server maintenance are covered by our wholesale price, this is why we never charge you a penny of our products and services.

That's what our free reseller program is about.

By saving you the billing and service costs for maintaining an automated hosting business, we allow you to focus your time, funds and efforts on implementing your marketing strategies and boosting your sales.

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