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Free Reseller Program vs. cPanel Program

Video Duration 3:51 min

In this video I'll highlight the main differences between our free reseller program and the more advanced cPanel reseller program.

The free reseller program is great if you have basic computer knowledge. It uses our in-house developed point & click reseller dashboard that you won't be able to find anywhere else on the web.

Our cPanel reseller platform, in turn, is for advanced users and it is a well known standard for reselling.

With us, as a free reseller, you do not pay any startup fees for your web hosting business. You are not charged anything for reselling our services and you will not be charged if you do not make any sales either.

As a cPanel reseller, you will be required to cover a monthly charge. However, you only pay for the resource that you will resell.

The free reseller does not need to be experienced in computing and website management. With our user-friendly point and click Reseller Control Panel interface, you can quickly build your online store.

Using our free Store Master template, you can easily design your own store at a click of the mouse.

The cPanel reseller program offers cPanel based packages - regular cPanel hosting packages and unlimited cPanel hosting packages in various resource and feature sizes giving you a complete choice for what plans you want to offer and who your target markets will be.

The free reseller gives a full set of private label options that guarantee your anonymity. You can create your own brand name that will be featured on your store, in your customers' control panel and in all store-related documentation.

You can also register a unique domain name for your store at a very small cost.

If you are serious about reselling and want to increase your reseller profits, then adding a Private DNS Cluster to your domain can increase your brand recognition among your customers.

The cPanel reseller will have to configure and manage all those features themselves. However, this allows them to target their potential markets and customers more precisely.

With the free reseller program, we handle the support for your customers in various ways - by email, by live chat, by phone and through the Control Panel-integrated ticketing system.

Our experienced cPanel resellers, however, will need to take care of the support services that they want to offer for their customers.

The free reseller will have multiple options to grow with the advanced store setup options at hand like the custom plan builder, the remote order forms and the Reseller API. This will give you full control over your store design and greater flexibility in how you build and market your services.

The cPanel reseller can expand their hosting business by upgrading to a bigger package giving them a greater amount of resources to offer their customers.

The free reseller sells our packages or their own plans as stand-alone items based upon our pre-set wholesale and cap prices, while we manage the billing services, fraud protection and customer service issues.

The money they make is the difference between their retail and our wholesale price per package.

The cPanel reseller, in return, purchases our pre-defined large to small packages in advance and then has total control over how the resources are divided and how much they will sell them to their customers for. This way, the cPanel reseller has the potential for larger profits for the products that are sold.

So, if you have basic computer skills - our free reseller program gives you access to the tools, resources, and support you need to start out in the reseller business without any financial risk.

If you are into traditional reseller practices that require technical and marketing skills right from the start, then the cPanel program is right for you.

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