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VPS Hosting Solutions

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At, you can resell virtual private servers to end users and order any of these plans for your own online needs.

Why would you need to be a VPS hosting reseller? VPS is a highly demanded hosting solution, offering users dedicated server resources at a budget price.

With the Free Reseller program, you can to start your own VPS hosting business, under your brand name, and offer pre-configured variously sized VPS plans to other users, and collect money each month from the sales.

Reselling these services is absolutely risk-free for you. There are no upfront charges, since you do not buy the plans before reselling them.

There are no recurring charges no sales, no charges. When you make sales, you will only make a profit.

Reselling our virtual private servers is also fully automated.

Our advanced reseller hosting software handles all billing, account activation and server set-up, and calculates the commission that we pay you!

From a user-friendly Reseller Control Panel you select which VPS plans you want to resell, set your own monthly retail prices for each of them and then advertise the plans on your store.

For each VPS plan or upgrade you sell, you will be paid a monthly commission the difference between your retail price and our wholesale price.

24/7 support is provided to your customers, for billing and pre-installed software, and general queries.

VPS plans can be sold with regular cloud web hosting services, and even semi-dedicated servers or dedicated servers, so you could expand your customer base.

As our partner, you can order any of the VPS plans at the wholesale VPS hosting price and use them for your own online needs.

Each VPS plan comes with a choice of OS installations and is equipped with the SolusVM Admin Panel, so you and your customers can fully customize and manage their VPS.

Dedicated IP address and a free domain reseller account are also included.

Sign up today and get our quality VPS packages at a killer price.

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