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Set up & Manage Web Hosting Plans

Video Duration 2:07 min

Successful reselling depends on being able to give your customers what they want.

Using our vast range of resources, you can create custom plans that give your customers an amazing range of choice.

Custom-made hosting plans allow you to focus on a precise target audience, for example, corporate clients who need large resource amounts.

Members of the Free Reseller Program can even purchase plans for your own needs, at a wholesale price.

The Liquid Plan builder tool is an easy-to-use interface, integrated into your Reseller Control Panel, so creating your own unique plans is easy.

With simple point and click actions, you can even offer selected domain names as a free bonus.

With ResellersPanel, you set your own prices on the basis of our wholesale price rates and check in real time what will be your profit for each custom price you set.

If you are new to reselling, take a look at our pre-defined web hosting plans.

They will not only help you get your store up & running, they also show you how to balance and mix the resources available, helping you target a wider customer base.

ResellersPanel is risk-free, because you do not buy any plans in advance, to resell them.

There are no setup fees, and no reselling or billing charges.

Our advanced automated system takes care of processing every sale through your online store.

The billing and the customer support and even your commission payment, is all taken care of.

ResellersPanel also includes our in-house built Web Hosting Control Panel - Hepsia for all your customers.

This amazing point & click Control Panel is a big selling point for your products.

ResellersPanel gives you control, resources & support to create and manage your very own hosting reseller business.

With dynamic & cutting edge resources and features we can help you keep one step ahead of your competitors.

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