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Private DNS Cluster - maximum reseller anonymity

If you decide to register/transfer your own domain name for your new hosting store, you can maximize your anonymity as a reseller with our Private DNS Cluster packages.

The Private DNS Cluster allows you to register your own name servers, which will be allocated to your store and to your clients’ domain names. This way, your clients’ websites will be unified in one private branded network, which uses and, making it easily recognizable online.

Using our Private DNS Cluster solution for your store is a reasonable decision, since it will considerably increase the credibility of your hosting brand in the eyes of your existing and prospective customers.

NOTE: the Private DNS Cluster option is available for the following TLDs: .ae, .asia, .biz, .cc, .ch, .club, .co, .com,,, .company,,, .deals, .dk, .es, .family, .gr, .guru, .host,, .in, .info, .me, .mobi, .mx, .name, .net,,, .news, .ninja, .nl, .no, .org,,,, .party, .pl, .pro, .qa, .se, .services, .site, .solutions, .space, .top, .tv, .tw, .us, .website, .ws and .xyz.

Private Dns Cluster Controls

Our Private DNS Cluster packages come with a host of controls, which will help you maintain brand recognition in a crowded market.

Custom A & MX Records

Custom A & MX Records »

You will have full control over the A and MX records of your domain name. This means that you will be able to point your store to a third-party server or have your email traffic handled by an external mail server.

Add Hostnames

Add Hostnames »

You will be able to add as many hostnames to your original domain name as you need. For example, you can set up or, where you can publish specific content in support of your store.

Full Domain Controls

Full Domain Controls »

You will have full control over the settings of your domains. You’ll be able to lock/unlock a domain, to edit Whois information, to enable Whois protection, to request an EPP key, etc.

Free Email Cluster

Free Email Cluster »

A free Email Cluster comes with each Private DNS Cluster, so your store name will be featured in your customers’ mail server records as well. Also, your customers will be able to access the webmail via a special URL.

Complete Reseller Anonymity

Complete Reseller Anonymity

As a reseller of our hosting services, you will not need to worry about anonymity. Your store will look as independent and fully fledged as the site of any respectable web hosting provider on the web. The Private DNS Cluster will add an extra anonymity layer to your online presence and everyone who pings your site will see your private branded name servers instead of generic ones. Plus, we’ll be offering 24x7x365 pre-sale and technical support to your customers on behalf of your store name. This way, they will never suspect that you are actually a reseller.

Improved Brand Recognition

Improved Brand Recognition

Our system is designed to be fully brandable. Right from the start, your brand will be featured everywhere – from your store’s header, to the service notifications sent to your customers. With the Private DNS Cluster option enabled for your store, your brand will also be featured in your domain’s name servers, as well as in the DNS records associated with your customers' domains. Thanks to the email cluster, which comes by default, yours and your customers' mail servers will also include your domain name. This way, your store will be branded from top to bottom and your customers will be in full touch with your brand.

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