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ResellersPanel Commission Payments

All resellers under our free reseller hosting program who have made sales through their cloud web hosting stores will get their due commissions at the beginning of each month. The accumulated profit is paid out through one of the payment methods - check, Paypal, bank wire or wallet. If you choose to get your profit via wallet, you will be able to use the money only to purchase web hosting services (domain names, web hosting plans, dedicated servers, etc.) at a wholesale price from your Reseller Control Panel.

Apart from the payment method, you can select also the currency in which the payments will be sent to you, as well as the minimum release level (the minimum amount after the accumulation of which your profit will be sent to you).

To make it convenient for you to keep track of your commissions' release, we will be regularly updating the tables displayed below, giving detailed information on all completed and upcoming commission payments. The first table, which is updated each month, lists the payment schedule according to which we will be sending you your incoming profits. The second table, which can be accessed from your Reseller Control Panel, displays your personal reseller commission history, including the monthly profit amount, the payment method and the payment status.

Commission Payments Schedule

Period Payment Date Next Payment
March 2016 May 05 2016 Sent
April 2016 June 06 2016 Sent
May 2016 July 08 2016 Sent
June 2016 August 05 2016 Sent
July 2016 September 08 2016 Sent
August 2016 October 07 2016 Sent
September 2016 November 08 2016 Sent
October 2016 December 08 2016 Sent
November 2016 January 09 2017 Sent
December 2016 February 08 2017 Sent
January 2017 March 06 2017 Sent
February 2017 April 07 2017 Sent
March 2017 May 05 2017 Sent
April 2017 June 07 2017 Sent
May 2017 July 07 2017 Sent
June 2017 August 09 2017 Sent
July 2017 September 08 2017 Sent
August 2017 October 09 2017 Next
September 2017 November 08 2017 -
October 2017 December 06 2017 -

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