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Domain Reseller Account

Just like a web hosting reseller, a domain name reseller will sell domain names, which appear to be sold under his brand name, but are actually purchased from a domain name registrar. A domain reseller account is vital for any web hosting enterprise, since it will allow for the seller to offer web hosting accounts with a domain name, which is something essential in the business today.

At Resellers Panel, you will receive a Domain Reseller account with all reseller packages offered under the cPanel Reseller Program and with all Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Server.

cPanel Domain Reseller

With each of the plans under our cPanel Reseller Program, you will receive a free eNom Reseller Account, which will usually require a $500.00 USD deposit. With this domain reseller account, you will be able to start selling domain names right away, either manually, or by integrating the eNom API with your preferred billing software.

With our cPanel Reseller Program, you will also receive a free billing software tool, the ClientExec, which can be easily integrated with both the eNom API and the WHM Control Panel we provide you with. This way you can set up your fully functioning web hosting platform very quickly, especially if you are using some of the Free Templates we provide you with. Detailed guides on how to integrate your eNom domain reseller account with the ClientExec tool are available.

VPS Domain Reseller

You can use our reliable VPS servers to power your websites, or choose to start your own web hosting or even VPS reseller web hosting enterprise. If you choose the latter, you will need a way to start offering your clients domain names, since this is more than essential. With each of the Linux VPS servers on offer at Resellers Panel you will get a Free Domain Reseller account.

Dedicated Server Domain Reseller

A Dedicated Server is the best a web hosting company can offer you - you will have your own machine, and use the full potential of its resources. With the Linux Dedicated Servers on offer at Resellers Panel you will get a Free Domain Reseller account, since a dedicated server is the best solution for starting your own web hosting company, or even a reseller web hosting company.

Our dedicated server packages are ready to handle the job, and offer not only a Free Domain Reseller account, but also a free billing software tool, which will make it even easier for you to start a dedicated web hosting business.

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