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cPanel Dedicated Server

ResellersPanel's dedicated hosting packages are designed for those who need total independence and security as far as their high-performance web applications are concerned. With our fast, robust servers, webmasters can achieve maximum speed and efficiency out of their software configuration.

Our dedicated hosting packages are available both for reselling and for your own use at wholesale prices starting from $35.00/mo for the our cheapest server.

Dedicated Server Management

Our dedicated server packages are offering various pre-installed operating systems. We support the Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS Linux distributions. All packages offer complete root access, so that the client can install, configure and manage additional dedicated server software. However, the process of managing a complete web environment depends on the qualification of the server's administrator. In case you, or your administrator, do not have the skills to perform specific server tasks, you can consider purchasing a managed hosting services package.

There is also an option to select some of our hosting automation control panel offerings. You can choose between DirectAdmin, cPanel and our own ResellersPanel Control Panel. All Control Panel options have their benefits and disadvantages but all of them will enable you to fully manage your server through an easy-to-use web-based graphic user interface.

cPanel Dedicated Server

ResellersPanel gives you the opportunity to offer one of the most widely used Web Hosting Control Panel solutions with different web hosting packages. For our cloud web hosting resellers, cPanel is available for distribution through the cPanel Reseller Program with prices starting from 7.00/mo. Our cheap cPanel hosting solution offers you many FREE bonuses as well.

Our dedicated hosting clients also have the option to use the power of the popular and powerful cPanel Web Hosting Control Panel. It is available with all the dedicated hosting packages. The cPanel installation is free whereas the licensing price is only $53.00/mo per server. cPanel is offered only for servers running the CentOS operating system and cannot be pre-installed on Debian or Ubuntu-based hosts.

By getting a cPanel Control Panel, CentOS dedicated server clients receive a fully featured web hosting environment and many management tools, an unlimited domain hosting option and the free WebHost Management (WHM) panel. Using the WHM panel you can easily create unlimited cPanel reseller packages, which makes our dedicated server offering suitable for cPanel hosting resellers. In addition, all dedicated hosting packages are provided with Free Bonuses - a $500-worth domain reseller account, the ClientExec billing software and ResellerPanel's in-house built billing/domain manager panel.

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