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Web Host Manager

When you are running a web hosting reseller enterprise, it's vital to have a tool which will allow you to manage all the system's resources, create hosting packages and later, manage your clients' web hosting accounts. And the most popular tool for the job is the Web Host Manager or WHM, which is part of the cPanel Control Panel solution. It's the most used Control Panel for reseller hosting accounts in the world today.

At Resellers Panel, you can use the WHM and the cPanel Control Panel tools with our cPanel Reseller Program. They are available with each of our cPanel reseller hosting plans.

WHM with the cPanel Reseller Program

The WHM software is an integral part of the cPanel Reseller Program. While the cPanel Control Panel is the place where the end clients can manage all of their files and the settings for their websites, the WHM is a tool via which the resellers can manage all their clients.

The cPanel Reseller Program works in a straightforward way - you purchase the disk space and the traffic from the provider, then divide them the way you want into smaller web hosting packages, which you later sell at prices chosen by you.

The place where you do this is the WHM - from there you can see how much disk space and monthly bandwidth is allocated to you, and then divide them into smaller packages. Also, from there you can monitor the disk space and the traffic a given cPanel account is using, log into the respective client's Control Panel, etc.

The WHM also acts as a middle man between the cPanel Control Panel and the billing account the reseller is using for billing and domain management purposes - the billing account needs to be connected with the WHM in order to create and modify accounts automatically.

WHM with the Dedicated and the Virtual Private Server Packages

The WHM is also the Control Panel of choice when it comes to dedicated servers. Beside managing hosting accounts, the full version of the Web Host Manager allows you to manage all the server's vital services and settings.

Simple tasks like viewing the server's error logs and restarting certain services can be performed as easily as can more complicated ones, such as re-compiling the Apache web server and modifying the main PHP settings. The WHM offers a user-friendly web interface, where all the menus are separated into several categories, which makes it easier for you to find a needed menu faster.

The WHM software is especially modified to run on a VPS server, which usually offers less resources than a dedicated server.

Each of our dedicated servers can be ordered with the WHM/cPanel Control Panel solution.

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