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.GROUP Domain Names

Groups are a great social opportunity for people to share common interests and work on joint projects, as well as find valuable help and support from like-minded people.

When introduced to the public in 2016, .GROUP was recognized as the teamwork namespace for numerous communities worldwide where members can connect, learn, and discuss online.

Why register a .GROUP domain name?

As a credible and well-targeted extension, .GROUP affiliates a website with a certain group, organization, or business with a goal and can fit into any subject or interest.

The extension offers a wide variety of uses - from families and close friendship circles, to work teams and study groups, or even religious communities.

Also, it works for larger-scale communities such as trade unions and membership organizations.

Many companies and organizations feature "Group" in their brand name so building the word right into the extension will help them save space on characters online.

By offering an online avenue where members can contact each other and co-operate on a community-specific topic, .GROUP makes online collaboration easier than ever.

Services available for your .GROUP domain name



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Whois Privacy

Whois Privacy

Remove the risk of identity theft and domain hijacking, and retain legal control of your domain name.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Web hosting that makes building your website a breeze with one-click software installation.

.GROUP Features

Registration Period
1-10 years
IDN Support
DNSSEC Support
Domain Manager
Domain Parking
Custom DNS Records
Whois Privacy Support

.GROUP Price

Setup Fee
Registration Price
See multi-year pricing
$6.49/1st yr $12.50/yr
1 year
$6.49/1st yr $12.50/yr
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years
6 years
7 years
8 years
9 years
10 years
Transfer Price

.GROUP – registration details

The .GROUP TLD is open for registration to all types of groups and communities, with no specific registration conditions to follow. The registration period is 1-10 years.

If you have a .GROUP domain registered with another registrar, you can transfer it over to us at the same price. An EPP key will be required for the transfer procedure to be successful.

.GROUP Domain Name

Register for only $6.49 /1st yr12.50/yr

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