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Become a .ORG Domain Name Reseller

At ResellersPanel we give you the opportunity to start reselling one of the original domain names for the past 30 years, .ORG TLD for as low as $13.00 for 1 year/year. It can be registered for a period of 1 up to 10 years without any specific registration requirements. It is the right choice for non-profit organizations for which it was originally intended. In order to maximize your profits and online exposure, you can offer the Whois Shield protection services (Whois Privacy Protection service) together with it. The Whois Shield protection services are available at the affordable price of $6.00 / year.

.ORG TLD Reselling Options & Hosting

Now you can offer the .ORG TLD registration services together with more than 40 other TLDs and ccTLDs (such as: .US for the United States, .COM.AU for Australia, .CO.UK for the United Kingdom, etc) with each of our excellent services: the Free Resellers Program with its own Cloud Web Hosting Packages, the cPanel Resellers Program, the VPS (Virtual Private Servers), the Semi-Dedicated Servers and the Dedicated Servers! You can also resell it with one of our Hosting Packages or as a stand-alone service along with the Domain Manager Plan.

Should you become one of our authorized domain name resellers, we will host your .ORG domain name absolutely free within your Resellers Hosting Control Panel.

.ORG TLDs Strategies and Specifics.

As the .ORG domain name can be registered for a maximum period of 10 years, it is always a good long-term decision to register it for ten years and not just one. Thus, whenever your targeted visitors perform a quick and free WHOIS check on your site, they will most likely join you, as you will seem much more serious and worth of their trust.

Multiple TLDs (such as .NET, .COM, and .INFO etc) can be registered for one domain name. Thus, you will have more similar domain names for your products or services.

Rearrange the order of the keywords of your desired .ORG domain name in order to register it multiple times.

If you hyphenate your .ORG domain name which contains more than one word, you can register it once again. The opposite is also true.

To achieve better success, especially if you’ve recently started your domain name reselling business you will need better online exposure. That’s why, you should always try to register as many similar meaning domain names (or identical ones with all the different TLDs available) as possible.

ResellersPanel - an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar

ResellersPanel (owned by LiquidNet LTD) is an ICANN Accredited Registrar for the .ORG TLD and more than 40 other TLDs. That’s why, we can offer you better prices than a various sub-level reseller, as well as experienced and quick customer and technical support.

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