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How To Become a Domain Reseller

Video Duration 1:48 min

ResellersPanel is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar meaning that you can get domains direct from us and not through a third party. So there are no extra charges added.

Offering domain names on your hosting store you will give your customers a complete website management solution and will add credibility to your business.

Through our free reseller hosting program, you can resell more than 40 different domain extensions to your customers at really attractive domain prices.

You can offer a wide range of generic domains like .com, .net, .org, .info and .biz and many country domains like, .us,,, .cn and many more.

This will allow you to target your customer's exact needs.

For example, within the European web market, you may choose to offer European TLDs only like .eu, .be, .de, etc.

You will be able to offer domain names with any of the web hosting plans offered on your store and through the domain-name-only plan. Your customers have 3 domain options.

They can host their existing domains with their plans at no cost, or, they can transfer their existing domains to us and manage both the registration and hosting settings from one place.

And the third option, if your customers do not have their own domains, then they can registerbrand new ones from you.

All domain settings like custom DNS records, WHOIS details, lock option and renewal, etc. will be managed from the fully-featured domain management tool of their Web Hosting Control Panel.

For each of your domains, you will be able to set your custom prices based on our low wholesale rates, so you can offer a competitive price to your potential customers and still make a good profit from each sale.

And remember, you never have to buy the domains in advance or pay any reselling or billing fees for each domain you sell.

All domains ordered through your online store are processed through our automated system.

We offer flexible domain pricing options for your marketing strategy. You can offer separate prices for the domains offered at signup with the web hosting plans and as upgrades through the Control Panel. You can also set discounts for multi-year domain registrations.

So join ResellersPanel today and become a domain names reseller for free.

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