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Private DNS Cluster Video

Video Duration 1:07 min

The Private DNS Cluster is a special feature for all the members of our free domain name reseller program.

This service will help you maximize the uniqueness and credibility of your reseller hosting brand.

We have included for you all the basic private label options, like custom branded front store template, a Web Hosting Control Panel, invoices, service notifications, and more.

The private DNS Cluster is an excellent optional service with the registration or transfer of a domain for your reseller store.

With it, you have everything you need to build and manage your own unique hosting company.

A unique domain name like gives you your own identity and your company name will be much easier to recognize among your competitors.

A DNS cluster option activated for your domain will reinforce your recognition and the reliability of your private brand in the eyes of your customers.

With a DNS Cluster service enabled your domain will have the following name servers:

They will replace the default NS settings we assign to your domain, for example:

So, when a potential customer makes a whois check of your store domain, they will see your company or brand name instead of our abstract system name servers.

The same name servers will be assigned to your existing customers' domain names, and they will be able to use these name servers for their parked domains.


Your brand or company name will be featured in their mail servers too:

All this will secure your anonymity as a reseller of our web hosting services and will help increase your brand recognition.

We offer 3 DNS packages. All with the option to have a unique domain-like name servers and feature custom A & MX Records, Edit WHOIS, Registrar Lock options, free email cluster, webmail option, ID protection, etc.

They only differ in the type of IP addresses behind the name servers. The availability of dedicated IP addresses in your name servers will add an extra level of security for the entire DNS cluster, and minimize any possible external attacks to your store and customers' sites.

The Private DNS Cluster will give your own unique business name or brand that you can promote in the global or your local web hosting market. So become a web hosting reseller today, for free. Sign up today.

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