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Become .COM.AU Domain Name Reseller

If you aim at conquering the Australian market, you can start by registering a .COM.AU TLD domain – the country code top level domain name for Australia. Naturally there are certain requirements for registering one and it can be registered for up to two years. For a reseller, it is wise to register the most common TLDs (for example: .COM, .ORG, .INFO) with the same second-level domain name .COM.AU. Being a reseller for Resellers Panel guarantees free hosting for your own website under the Free Resellers Panel.

.COM.AU TLD Reselling Options & Hosting

In addition to the .COM.AU TLD registration and transfer services you can resell more than 50 other TLDs and ccTLDs with either of our five different services: Free Resellers Program, cPanel Resellers Program, VPS (Virtual Private Servers), Semi-Dedicated Servers and Dedicated Servers. What is more, you could use a .COM.AU TLD with one of our Hosting Packages. Last but not least, we will host your .COM.AU domain name for FREE within your Reseller Hosting Control Panel.

ResellersPanel - an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar

We are proud to state that ResellersPanel is a ICANN Accredited Registrar - This hard earned title means that you are not dealing with a sub level reseller of domain names. Quite the contrary. You will be doing business with a Registrar. This is the top-end provider of therefore the cheapest company to provide registration services for a .COM.AU TLD or any other TLD in that matter. In this case you can start re-selling the .COM.AU TLD for as little as $12 USD per year. When you choose to cooperate with us, you choose to cooperate with an ICANN Accredited Registrar! Unlike many, we are not a sub-level domain name reseller. A Registrar is the top-end provider of domain names. That is why we can offer you the most affordable prices for certified registration services for a .COM.AU TLD as well as any other TLD. You can begin reselling the .COM.AU TLD for just $12 USD / a year.

.COM.AU TLD Strategies and Specifics.

The maximum period for registration of the COM.AU domain name is two years. Visit the .COM.AU TLD and view all of the requirements.

You can register multiple TLDs for one and the same name.

The same group of keywords can be registered in a random order.

Last but not least, if you register a multiple-word domain, you can also register the very same domain name with hyphens and vice versa.

Remember – the more domain names with a similar meaning you register, the better for your marketing success. You can also register identical domain names with different TLDs.

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