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.INFO Domains from an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar

We would like to bring to your attention the fact that if you choose to, you will be purchasing a .INFO TLD from a ICANN accredited Registrar Company: LiquidNet LTD (the owner of Resellers panel). Thus you can rest assured that we will be taking a good care of your domain names and you will be getting the best value for your money in terms of support and management for your domain names with us.

.INFO Domain History & Purpose

The .INFO TLD (Top Level Domain name) has been introduces in 2000. .INFO comes from information and its initial purpose has been the unification of news and information web-sites and services. Having said that its real purpose (since there is no special requirement for its registration) was to take the load of from the intial Top Level Domain names such as .NET, .COM and .ORG. If you deal in the information business the .INFO domain name is the right way to go since INFO is translated as information in more than 40 different languages.

.INFO Domain Registration & Reselling Services

You can register a .INFO domain name with Resellers Panel for up to ten years. You can use this domain name for any of our services: Domain Reselling; Free Resellers Program, Hosting package under the Free Resellers Program, cPanel-Reseller Program; VPS (Virtual Private Server); Dedicated Servers and Semi-Dedicated Servers.

(Note that most people feel more secure and comfortable when they see the company behind the domain names has registered for 10 years thus thinking in perspective). All you have to do is fill in the desired name and click GO to see if the domain name is available for registration.

If it is you will be able to go ahead and own this domain name.

Note that if you are asked to transfer the domain name this means that you either are not the owner of the domain name since it was registered by someone else, or that you will be changing registrars thus transferring the domain name to Resellers Panel.

.INFO Domain Management

The .INFO TLD has no special registration requirements and can be owned by everyone. You can see the .INFO domain name management capabilities on our Domain Management page.

Period 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years
.INFO + Hosting $10.00 $23.00 $36.00 $49.00 $62.00  
.INFO Only $13.00 $26.00 $39.00 $52.00 $65.00
.INFO domain note
.INFO Domain Management

Offer seamless .INFO domain name management to all your customers, thanks to our innovative and fully-featured Domain Manager solution integrated in the Hepsia Control Panel.

.INFO TLD Details
Registration Period: 1-10 years
Transfers: Yes (EPP)
Edit WHOIS: Yes
ID Protection: Yes
Status Alerts: Yes
Domain Parking: Yes
Domain Manager: Yes
Custom DNS Records: Yes
Subdomains: Yes
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