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.RECIPES Domain Names

Recipes are the magical formula that helps us turn food into a feast for the senses.

Besides making our lives easier, recipes also give us the chance to enjoy the art of cooking and achieve amazing results in the kitchen.

When launched for public registrations in 2014, the .RECIPES domain was aimed at giving millions of cooking enthusiasts and professionals a descriptive namespace tribune where they could share their cooking techniques and good food ideas with the right audience.

Why register a .RECIPES domain name?

The .RECIPES domain extension is a recommended and relevant ingredient in the web address of each food-related website.

It is the perfect place for chefs and any kind of cooking professionals to share their expert tips, tricks, and advice with communities worldwide.

Foodies and all types of cooking maniacs can use the .RECIPE extension to showcase their cooking passion and attract more new followers.

Food and cooking blogs and forums can take advantage of the marketing power of .RECIPES to improve engagement within their online communities.

Food producers and grocery stores in turn can maintain interest in their products by posting regularly fresh recipes and cooking tips for their customers on their .RECIPES website.

With .RECIPES, anyone who is somehow related to the art of cooking can turn their website into the go-to place for delicious recipes and techniques, and target their audience more precisely.

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.RECIPES Features

Registration Period
1-10 years
IDN Support
DNSSEC Support
Domain Manager
Domain Parking
Custom DNS Records
Whois Privacy Support


Setup Fee
Registration Price
See multi-year pricing
$6.99/1st yr $49.00/yr
1 year
$6.99/1st yr $49.00/yr
2 years
$55.99/1st yr $98.00/yr
3 years
$104.99/1st yr $147.00/yr
4 years
$153.99/1st yr $196.00/yr
5 years
$202.99/1st yr $245.00/yr
6 years
$251.99/1st yr $294.00/yr
7 years
$300.99/1st yr $343.00/yr
8 years
$349.99/1st yr $392.00/yr
9 years
$398.99/1st yr $441.00/yr
10 years
$447.99/1st yr $490.00/yr
Transfer Price

.RECIPES – registration details

.RECIPES is an open domain extension with no specific registration rules to follow.

Any individual, group, or business can register the extension to popularize their recipes-loaded website more effectively.

.RECIPES domain names that have been registered with another registrar can be transferred over to us at the same price. An EPP key will be required for the transfer to go through.

.RECIPES Domain Name

Register for only $6.99 /1st yr49.00/yr