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VPS Reseller Hosting Solutions

Video Duration 1:34 min

Adding VPS hosting packages to your hosting store will create a better image for your business.

There are a few VPS reseller programs that involve first purchasing the VPS packages on your own and then manually selling them to your web hosting customers.

This involves upfront charges and no guarantee you will be able to sell what you paid for.

So how could you avoid this hard work and finical risk?

In response to this, created the completely automated Free Reseller Hosting Program.

With no upfront charges and fees, you can sell virtual private servers and other hosting and domain name services, with no financial risk.

You will have your own company name and your customers will buy directly from your online store, they will never know you are a reseller.

You can sell virtual private servers and other services without having to pay for them.

You simply select the plans you want to resell, set your own prices on them and display them on your custom design store or use our free turn-key Store MAster template.

You can set your VPS packages and manage their pricing from your Free Reseller Account with simple point-and-click actions.

We handle all the customer support service and pay you each month for any sales you make.

We never charge you a penny for reselling our services. We make money when you make money - it's that simple.

You make sales, you make profits!

All the packages are pre-configured for you; no need to deal with any server setups, or technical settings.

You will be able to combine your VPS packages with regular cloud hosting plans, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers.

Selling a combined hosting service gives you a competitive edge over the other hosts.

All VPS packages allow you to select an Operating System and offer many administration options, SolusVM Admin Panel, full root access, SSH access, reseller bonuses (eNom/ClientExec) and upgrade (addons/admin) services.

Each server package is backed up by our no set-up fees, quick VPS activation and 99.9% server uptime guarantees.

The VPS plans are a part of an integrated hosting service. Your customers will be able to easily switch from a cloud web hosting plan to a VPS package or from VPS to a semi-dedicated server, etc. Sign up today.

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