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Dedicated Server Disk Space

Video Duration 1:18 min

Learn more about the disk space quota in our dedicated hosting packages and how to make a profit from selling it.

Each of the dedicated servers on offer at ResellersPanel comes with fast SSD drives.

All this disk space is available to house your operating system and the files of your websites.

This is more than enough to be used for other means as well - from hosting an extremely large community portal, to even running a full blown web hosting company.

And there is an easy way to make a profit out of it too by reselling our servers.

To become a dedicated hosting reseller, just sign up with our free reseller hosting program! For free! And that's all!

Now, you can resell cloud web hosting accounts, dedicated servers and virtual private servers at prices chosen by you. Plus, there are no server setup or reseller fees whatsoever!

This is all risk free - no sales means no charges!

Now, that really is an offer! So why don't you start your own web hosting business today with the help of ResellersPanel? Sign up fo free.

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