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Cloud Web Hosting Articles

Account Management

Find out how to manage your account, update your login credentials, renew or upgrade your web hosting plan with our series of account related how to's.


Learn more about crontabs and cron jobs - what are they and how to create and use them the right way.


Improve the way you manage your emails - start using email auto responders and anti spam filters with the assistance of our web hosting how to's.

File Management

Everything you need to know about file management with our web hosting control panel is explained in detail in our series of hosting tutorials.

Website Creation

Want to know more on how to create your own website - what tools you can use and what tools we provide you with - with series of detailed web hosting tutorials.


Learn about FrontPage extensions - how to build your website with front page and upload it online.

Elefante Script Installer

Install more than 30 popular PHP scripts with just a single click, thanks to our custom Elefante Script Installer. See how to use it with our web hosting tutorials.


What is FTP and how you to use it with your web hosting account? How to upload and download files. Find out in our series of FTP How To's.

Sales and Billing

Watch over your money and how they are spent. See different ways you can make a transaction or how to downgrade your existing web hosting plan.

Site Studio

Learn how to create your own website, even if you don't have any experience with out website builder tool, the Site Studio.

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