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Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting solutions are hard to maintain - this is why they almost never come cheap. With the introduction of the Virtual Private Server, the market for cheap Dedicated Servers became even slimmer. Today, cheap dedicated servers usually involve low-quality parts or are hosted in an inferior data center.

At ResellersPanel you will find only top-of-the-line Dedicated Server Hosting offers. With our Linux Dedicated Servers you will never feel that you are using a cheap dedicated server.

Each of our dedicated server offers comes with our custom Dedicated Plan Manager tool. With it, you can very easily purchase new domain names choosing from our vast TLD selection and handle all billing and support issues.

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Are Cheap Dedicated Servers Useful?

For a cheap, dedicated server to be cheap there are two options - either it runs older, higher-end hardware or newer, but lower-end hardware.

Both types of servers have their market.

Usually the older, higher-end servers are more suited to tasks that are not that I/O intensive but benefit from having more CPU cores. In most cases, they also offer more storage options.

Newer servers are usually equipped with faster drives and more efficient CPUs, which makes them better suited for I/O intensive tasks but they offer much fewer storage options and their CPUs have a lower, even if a bit more efficient, core count.

Both types of cheap dedicated servers are useful for different types of tasks, depending on your requirements. If you want to find the perfect server for your needs, get in touch with the provider and ask them for advice.

When to Get a Cheap Dedicated Server?

In a lot of cases, when looking for a cheap dedicated server, you will be equally well served by an equally priced, virtual private server.

However, there are several cases where getting a dedicated server offers better value:

The first case will mostly depend on the provider but just like a shared hosting server can be oversold, there can be too many virtual servers on one physical machine, eating at the resources and congesting the network port.

For the second case, a lot of virtual servers come with service limitations, such as max CPU usage, number of I/O requests and so on. They are required to keep the overall service stable but can hinder the individual user.

Both cases can quickly be resolved with a cheap, dedicated server, where there are no neighbours to worry about and there are no imposed service limitations.

When Not to Get a Cheap Dedicated Server?

Here are several cases when getting a cheap, dedicated server will not be beneficial to you:

When you need to get online as fast as possible, launching a new VPS can be done in less than 2 minutes. The server will come installed with the selected OS, selected control panel, etc. Sometimes a dedicated server, even a cheap one, can take several hours to be available.

Another argument against the cheap, dedicated servers is the server administration required and the associated costs. In most cases, a fully managed VPS will cost less than a fully-managed dedicated server.

Dedicated servers can’t scale as fast as a virtual server. With a VPS, you can quickly add more RAM or more storage as an upgrade or simply move to a more powerful VPS server with just a few clicks. If you are looking for a service that can scale quickly, a VPS is a much better choice.

Dedicated Server Hosting Reseller

With Resellers Panel, you can easily become a reseller of dedicated server hosting solutions. All you need to do is sign up with our Free Reseller Program - you will receive a free online store and have the option to sell dedicated servers without the need to purchase them first. This means that you can go on without making a single sale and still not lose a dime.

In addition to that, you can also sell cloud web hosting accounts, cheap Virtual Private Servers and Semi-Dedicated Servers. And if that is not enough for you, you can refer a friend or colleague to our Affiliate Program and earn 10% of each and every sale they make.

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