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Database Hosting Solution

Databases are one of the basic and most significant elements of every modern, dynamic, content-driven website or web-based application. There are many different database architectures available, but they all are designed to store your applications' content and provide an automated mechanism for this data to be managed, deleted and retrieved.

A Database Hosting Solution from ResellersPanel

ResellersPanel provides quality database hosting packages. Starting at as low as $2.50/mo (the Starter package), our cloud hosting packages feature enough MySQL database storage quotas. With the Corporate package you can get Unlimited of PostgreSQL database space for just $6.67/mo. Our cPanel Reseller Program clients are offered unlimited MySQL databases with all the packages currently on offer (starting from 10.00/mo).

SQL Databases on a Dedicated Server

If you are looking for a SQL database equipped dedicated server, you may consider purchasing some of our CentOS-based ATOM 1 ($50.00/mo), AMD 1 ($100.00/mo) or AMD 2 ($120.00/mo) dedicated hosting offers. You can get a cPanel Control Panel installation for only $35.00/mo, or alternatively choose the DirectAdmin Control Panel solution. Both Control Panel options will provide you with unlimited MySQL database hosting shares.

If you choose a Debian-based dedicated server, you can purchase ResellersPanel's Web Hosting Control Panel for only $35.00/mo. It offers unlimited MySQL hosting quotas. For all other dedicated server options you can use the SSH and root access privileges to set up a database of your choice.

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