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Dedicated Server Hosting

With a Dedicated Server Hosting service you will be able to make use of a stand-alone server for your hosting needs - there will be no other clients on it. This way, you can take advantage of all of the server's resources for your hosting needs - running resource-heavy scripts and managing complex web applications and websites.

ResellersPanel offers specially designed Dedicated Server packages: the ATOM 1 ($50.00/month), the AMD 1 ($80.00/month) and the AMD 2 ($90.00/month) server configurations can run without a problem even the heaviest web applications. They are also offering a powerful tool for managing domain names and billing operations - the Dedicated Plan Manager.

All dedicated servers can be resold under our Free Reseller Program. The unique thing about it is that you don't have to purchase the server at all, just sell it.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The Dedicated server hosting services are perfect for those who want to develop bigger and more complex websites, which perform more complicated tasks. If you want to host a site, which will be a video portal like YouTube, or will stream live audio, or host a very complex mailing application, then a dedicated server is your best option.

With a Dedicated server, you will have a whole server machine dedicated just to you. Much like a personal computer, with a powerful machine available just for you, you can do a lot more as compared with a cloud web hosting account or a Virtual Private Server. You will be able to use the whole CPU power for your needs and the entire RAM memory will be just for you.

However, owning a dedicated server is also a big responsibility and requires a lot more technical knowledge than if you were running a cloud web hosting account or a cheap VPS server.

Linux Dedicated Hosting servers are more difficult to manage, since they require most operations to be done via the command line, which can be confusing for some people who are used to the Windows Graphic Environment. That is why Dedicated Hosting Servers are recommended for people with more technical expertise or for companies, which have an IT department to handle the server management tasks.

With the wide variety of Dedicated Server offers out there, there is no single best Dedicated Server hosting offer. Each offer will have its advantages and while more expensive offers provide better features, cheap dedicated servers will come at a lower price.

Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

A Dedicated Server Hosting Provider is someone who offers Dedicated Servers to the general public. Usually, the dedicated server hosting provider sets up a dedicated server only after the machine itself has been purchased and then installs it, which usually takes several days. When choosing a dedicated server hosting provider, you must always look for a company that offers various hosting services and not just dedicated servers - they will have more knowledge on how to set up a server and avoid any kind of potential issues, since they have probably dealt with them.

ResellersPanel is a reliable Dedicated Server Hosting provider. We have been offering Dedicated Servers for more than 5 years and have established solid connections with both datacenters and Internet Providers to offer you stable and reliable dedicated server hosting solutions. However, we can't be bold enough as to say that we offer the best dedicated servers out there.

And if you are not interested in purchasing a dedicated server, you can always consider becoming a dedicated hosting server reseller - via our Free Reseller Hosting Program you can sell Linux dedicated servers without the need to purchase them beforehand.

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