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Managed Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server is the top offer any hosting company can possibly offer. However, when you own a dedicated server, you will see that taking care of it is not an easy business, since it requires constant monitoring and involvement. This is why many dedicated hosting providers offer Managed Dedicated Servers, which means that they will take active part as far as server monitoring and software updates are concerned.

At Resellers Panel, you can take advantage of our Managed Services offer, which can be purchased with each of our Linux Dedicated Servers. With it, we will monitor your dedicated server for you, and take care of OS updates and service reboots, when those are necessary.

Managed Dedicated Servers with Resellers Panel

With all three cheap dedicated server configurations on offer at Resellers Panel: the ATOM 1 ($50.00 per month), the AMD 1 ($80.00 per month) and the AMD 2 ($90.00 per month), you can get our Managed Services package for just $30.00 per month.

And if you are not ready to invest that much in a dedicated server, you can always opt to resell them via our Free Reseller Program. It will allow you to sell all of the services on offer at Resellers Panel - the cloud web hosting plans, the reliable VPS servers, the Semi-Dedicated Servers and, of course, the Dedicated Servers. The unique thing about it is that you don't have to buy any of the services prior to selling them.

Managed Dedicated Servers

When you have a dedicated server, you will be faced with an abundance of services and settings, which will be responsible for keeping your dedicated machine running properly. However, in order to ensure a 24/7 functionality, you will have to monitor them all the time in case one of them fails and goes down. A 24/7 monitoring service is hard to establish and is very time consuming - which is why it's best to leave this job to someone who has the experience and the ability to handle a 24/7 monitoring service. Most commonly, this job is handled by your web hosting provider.

At Resellers Panel we offer a 24/7 server monitoring and rebooting service. This way, you can minimize the possibility of experiencing server downtime to a minimum.

Additionally, a very important service offered with our Managed Dedicated Servers is the weekly OS update. Since we use Linux Dedicated Servers, and considering the fact that Linux is open-source based and anyone can modify it, a lot of updates are being rolled out every week. A common case with unmanaged dedicated servers is when the one responsible for software updates forgets about his job and the server is just left there, running. And when they actually get to working on updating their Operating System, they have to do a lot more work and probably take down the server.

With the Managed Dedicated Servers from Resellers Panel, we will handle all the OS work for you, providing weekly OS updates.

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

It is always possible to get an unmanaged dedicated server - this way you can arrange the server management operations yourself - managing the server on your own or hiring someone to do that for you. If you decide to manage the server on your own, you will need to possess sufficient technical knowledge on how a server works and the desire to learn new things in this field.

Ordering an unmanaged dedicated server is always related to extra work on the buyer's part, which is why managed dedicated servers are always recommended.

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