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Server Setup

A dedicated server represents a physical machine available to a single user. Due to the fact that there can be various dedicated server configurations offered by a single hosting provider, they are often not assembled prior to being actually purchased. This way, the costs for keeping the server in the datacenter even though it's not connected to the network are being spared. Usually, a new dedicated server is set up in a few days.

With ResellersPanel you will see that there are no setup fees for our ATOM 1 ($50.00/month), AMD 1 ($80.00/month) and AMD 2 ($90.00/month) Linux Dedicated Servers. All of the servers can be sold via our Free Reseller Program - you will not have to buy them first in order to sell them, you just re-sell our products at your prices!

Dedicated Server Setup

When a dedicated server hosting provider offers a server, the server is often not assembled at the time of the purchase. This is done to avoid any datacenter fees for keeping the server assembled on their racks. When a server is purchased, the technicians at the datacenter assemble the server's hardware and allow access to the server, so that the administrators of the dedicated server hosting provider can install all the additional software, starting with the Operating System.

The choice of an operating system during the server setup process is important. Whether you choose a Linux Dedicated Server or a Windows Dedicated Server, this choice will mark the overall server management process. On a Linux Dedicated Server, you will have some trouble getting used to managing the server without the use of a graphical environment, but the server will perform faster, will be more secure and reliable. Most of the servers online use Linux as their operating system, and so do the most powerful supercomputers in the world.

Instant Dedicated Servers

Some Dedicated Hosting providers will offer instant dedicated severs. These servers are usually ready-made and installed. However, keeping such servers ready and waiting is usually very expensive, even if the Dedicated Hosting provider company runs their own datacenter. That is why most of the Instant Dedicated Servers don't come cheap.

Instant dedicated severs are also offered as bargain servers. These are usually servers, which simply run on older hardware and can be no longer used as production servers and deliver the same performance. They are meant to power websites, which are not very resource hungry. Due to the fact that they have already been used, they can be delivered to a hosting client instantly.

Linux Dedicated Server Setup

During the setup process of a Linux Dedicated server, an important part plays the OpenSSH server. This is a daemon process which allows you to connect remotely to your server via SSH and control it using the command line terminal. This method of control is used if you order a server without a Control Panel and have the necessary skill to manage your server via the command line solely.

Most users prefer to control their servers with the help of a graphical environment called Control Panel. Via a server's Control Panel, you can carry out all the operations, which would otherwise require the usage of the command line.

At ResellersPanel you can order cPanel Dedicated Servers or DirectAdmin Dedicated Servers, which both sport popular Web Hosting Control Panels - cPanel and DirectAdmin (available for free with all our cheap dedicated servers), respectfully. The installation of the Control Panel is part of the Dedicated Server Setup and is usually carried out by the dedicated server hosting provider. Both cPanel and DirectAdmin are available only for CentOS Dedicated servers. All dedicated servers also come with a free domain reseller account, a free billing software solution and an easy-to-use Dedicated Plan Manager tool.

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