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CentOS Dedicated Server Reseller

CentOS is a Linux-based operating system which is compiled from the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, making it 100% binary compatible with RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). The only actual differences are connected with branding - CentOS uses its own logo, since its development team is forbidden to use any of the Red Hat logos.

You can get a CentOS-powered Dedicated Server from Resellers Panel. CentOS is available with all our Linux Dedicated Servers. The servers come with our custom Dedicated Plan Manager tool, via which you can easily manage and purchase domain names and handle all billing and technical support matters. They can also be re-sold under the Free Reseller Program without having to be bought first.

CentOS Dedicated Server

CentOS is a top choice operating system for Linux Dedicated Servers. It gives you the stability and security, which are generally expected from a Linux Distribution and, on top of that, adds all the enhancements made by the Red Hat developers. Today, CentOS-powered dedicated servers are used for almost anything - from serving as mail portals to hosting Facebook applications.

Another great advantage of a CentOS dedicated server is that it offers a wide choice of Control Panel options - both cPanel and DirectAdmin are best hosted on a CentOS-based Dedicated Server. DirectAdmin is also free with all of the cheap dedicated servers on offer.

At Resellers Panel, CentOS comes as an available Operating System option with all dedicated server plans that we are offering. The servers can run CentOS without a problem.

CentOS Dedicated Server Reseller

With a CentOS-powered dedicated server you can easily start your own reseller business, offering both regular and reseller hosting accounts. If you have a cPanel CentOS Dedicated Server, you can do that without a problem via the server's main Web Host Manager (WHM) tool. The main advantage of having your own reseller hosting enterprise is that all the profits will go directly to you.

At Resellers Panel, we have another concept of a CentOS-based Dedicated Server Reseller business. You want to make money selling services, but want to spend less money on purchasing the services beforehand? Well, with us you can get them for free and then sell them via our Free Reseller Program. With it, you can become a CentOS dedicated server reseller without having to buy the actual server - you simply name the price for it and we will do all the rest - set up the server, support your clients, arrange the fees with the datacenter, etc.

It may sound too good to be true, but we have been in this business since 2003 and our constantly growing client base proves that we are doing things the right way.

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