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Linux Dedicated Servers

Linux Dedicated servers represent a great deal of all the dedicated servers in the world, due to the several advantages which Linux has as a server Operating System. Linux Dedicated Servers are more stable and secure, cost less than other dedicated servers and are perfect for any Web Hosting enterprise. Linux Dedicated Server web hosting accounts now represent the greater part of all the web hosting accounts in the world.

At Resellers Panel you will find powerful Linux Dedicated Servers - the ATOM 1 ($50.00/month), the AMD 1 ($80.00/month) and the AMD 2 ($90.00/month) dedicated server configurations offer a wide choice of operating system and Control Panel installation options for server management purposes. Our servers come with an easy-to-use Dedicated Plan Manager, via which you can register new domain names, choosing from our vast collection of available TLDs.

You can sell all of the dedicated servers without having to buy them first via our Free Reseller Program.

Why a Linux Dedicated Server?

As of 2008, 443 out of every 500 supercomputers in the world are running a Linux Distribution. The advantages of running a Linux Dedicated Server are various. The Linux kernel, being open-source based, is customizable and editable by everyone - this way server administrators can modify it according to their own needs. Linux dedicated servers have also proven to be more reliable, secure and stable than their main competitor, the Windows Server.

Due to the fact that Linux Distributions are not so widely used on desktop computers, there are less viruses and malware software applications that can affect a Linux-based machine. The extensive user community has also created a great number of support forums, which offer solutions and guides for solving most of the problems that could arise.

Linux-distributions, being open-source based, do not require any license fees and are free to use. This helps hosting companies reduce the cost for hiring a Linux Dedicated server even further. Software designed for Linux is also mostly open source, which also helps reduce IT related expenses.

Benchmarks have shown that Linux dedicated servers perform noticeably faster when compared to other dedicated servers sporting similar hardware. While they can't be unanimously declared "fastest dedicated servers", since this depends on much more than the OS alone, a Linux dedicated server is without a doubt faster than a Windows dedicated server.

We, at Resellers Panel, can't say that we have the fastest dedicated servers. What we can say, however, is that our dedicated servers can work fast enough to run all your web applications with a breeze, and that using our AMD 1 dedicated server, you can even start your hosting reseller business and never notice a service slow-down.

Linux Web Hosting Servers

Due to the fact that they are more stable, and the fact that almost every major Linux Distribution has a special server edition, Linux Dedicated servers are very popular among web hosting companies. Linux Web Hosting servers are known for their capability of handling multiple user accounts at the same time without a problem, which is why they are used to power cloud web hosting accounts.

Aside from Web Hosting servers, Linux is often used as the operating system of choice when it comes to Dedicated Servers. By offering Linux Dedicated Hosting servers, a hosting provider can offer lower prices due to the lack of license fees and can also offer customized kernels, making the servers more secure, since the provider already knows what hardware components will be used.

Linux is also the OS of choice when it comes to Virtual Private Servers, especially when using an OS virtualization method, where parts of the main OS are used by each Virtual Machine to communicate with the server's hardware.

At Resellers Panel, you will find that aside from purchasing a Linux Dedicated Server or a cheap Linux VPS server, you will have an option also to resell these services via our Free Reseller Hosting Program. It allows you to offer Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers and even Semi-Dedicated servers alongside our regular cloud web hosting offers.

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