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What is Ubuntu and Why Choose It?

Ubuntu Linux is a fast-growing, popular Linux distribution. Dubbed as "Linux for Human Beings", Ubuntu is designed to provide the best customer-oriented software solution from the Linux world. Boasting a modern desktop, a huge supporting community and a six-month release cycle, Ubuntu's cutting-edge technology offers support for all modern hardware systems.

Ubuntu Dedicated Servers from ResellersPanel

Started as a desktop oriented distribution, Ubuntu has become one of the most appreciated server platforms. ResellersPanel offers Ubuntu as an operating system option with all VPS hosting packages. Ubuntu is also offered with our ATOM 1, AMD 1 and AMD 2 dedicated hosting packages at wholesale prices between $50.00/mo and $90.00/mo. Our dedicated servers are available for purchase or reselling via our Free Reseller Program. Based on the Debian server platform, the Ubuntu server edition combines the stability and robustness of Debian with extensive hardware support and frequent updates. The Ubuntu server is provided for free but you can purchase a full support service using our managed services options, or order a limited support service from Ubuntu's founding company Canonical Ltd.

What Comes with the Ubuntu Dedicated Server?

All our VPS and dedicated server packages offer full root access to the machine. You can also get access to it over a secure shell protocol - SSH. Unfortunately, if you choose Ubuntu for your dedicated server, you won't be having an option to get a pre-installed Web Hosting Control Panel. Control Panel options are only available with the CentOS (cPanel, DirectAdmin) and Debian (ResellersPanel's Web Hosting Control Panel) operating systems. But with Ubuntu you can install various applications using the software's package manager. The Ubuntu software repositories give you fast access to many applications, including the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web hosting platform, the Ruby on Rails development framework, the phpMyAdmin MySQL management software. There are also many pre-compiled .deb packages, including the Webmin Control Panel, the eBox web-based server management platform, the DTC (Domain Technologie Control) hosting Control Panel.

All our VPS and dedicated hosting packages come with a free Domain Reseller account (a $500 value). Thanks to the Domain Reseller account you can offer your clients different domain TLDs at very cheap registration prices.

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