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24/7/365 Customer Support

One of the great benefits of the Free Reseller Hosting Program is that it allows you to stay away and not get involved with all the hard work, usually required when running a web hosting enterprise. You don't have to deal with billing issues, you don't need to get involved with server setup and, most importantly, you don't have to take care of customer support - all this will be handled by us, on behalf of your own brand name!

What's even more, we provide a 1-hour support response guarantee - a member of our staff will contact any customer within less than an hour after their original request has been received. You can use this great feature as a strong selling point when you start searching for future customers.

And this response time gurantee applies not only to cloud web hosting accounts, but to virtual private servers, dedicated servers and semi-dedeicated servers, too! This way, you can just sit back, relax and rest assured that all your customers are in good hands.

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